about page

The concept:


Zaftig is a delivery-based kosher, meaty bistro.  Our menu was designed to create a super-easy, speedy ordering system.
Instead of listing items separately, we’ve bundled products into neat packages- ensuring your next meal takes seconds to order. Sandwiches include a drink of your choice; premium sandwiches/meals include both drinks and sides. And our easy-breezy menu features a uniquely tiered-price pyramid for instant assessment of what you’ll get, at what total price.


The food:



  We’d describe our food as classic-bistro, made gourmet.

We offer a range of gourmet sandwiches, meals (including kid and family deals), and drinks. We pride ourselves on standing out from the typical takeout/deli scene in various innovative ways. We believe nothing beats the taste of just-grilled steak or freshly seasoned sides.
In fact, our raison d’etre is because we want to take good food up a level. We like to think we’ve done just that. And with your very first Zaftig bite, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.


The delivery:


We’re pretty fussy about service. And speedy delivery.
That’s why we’ve hired our own drivers for exclusive availability. That means each order arrives faster. And is tracked throughout.